A Fun Experiment In List Building


February for me is “Focus on List Building February” and so I set myself the challenge to choose and experiment with a list building strategy I haven’t used before.

The strategy I chose had to meet the following criteria:

  1. Not be too time consuming to set up and run
  2. Build a list of qualified leads who are likely to be interested in the launch of my Video Marketing Academy the following month
  3. Raise my visibility at the same time
  4. Buzz-worthy
  5. Fun

The winner? A Viral “Lucky Door Prize Competition”

You can check it out here.

So, behind the scenes here how it works:

1. Create an optin page that will attract your Profitable Avatar. 

  • I decided to repurpose an optin that I know already converts at about 60% and attracts my ideal client. Even if you’ve opted in on this page before, go there now and see how I’ve altered it to include a viral (hopefully) competition once you sign up.
  • The software I use to create my list building funnels is Click Funnels

2. Choose a prize you want to give away to entice people to share your promotion.

I chose to give away the exact same professional studio light kit I use in my own home office video studio.

Here’s what they look like.

Here’s how I chose:

  • It must be something your Profitable Avatar would choose to buy but it is expensive
  • It can’t be crazily expensive, so do your numbers
  • It is congruent with the offer they just opted in for

3. Choose software to automate the competition

I found quite a few different programs you can use to run competitions. A lot of them look great. So posted in 4 different techy private Facebook groups I’m part of to see what people had used and recommended.

I ended up choosing UpViral because it did everything I wanted it to do, it came recommended, it integrated with my email software (I use Infusionsoft) and Click Funnels.

They also had a good offer at the time if I bought a yearly subscription instead of monthly.

4. Set your Competition Rules

This is what will decide if it goes viral or not. I kept mine simple.

So I give people 5 entry points just for signing up and then reward them for referrals by giving them the chance to multiply their chances of winning every time they share.

People get 5 points for every share on any social media site and IMPORTANTLY 10 entry points for every person they refer who joins y email list.

I’m clear my end goal is to increase my subscribers so I added great incentives to people who referred leads to me.

5. Let people know!

I’m using my email list, blog, social media and Facebook advertising to start the ball rolling and send people to the opt-in page. Then I’ll track to see if it builds its own momentum.

I’m hoping you’ll check it out and, if it feels like fun, share the word (and increase your chances of winning).

A Note About Freebie Seekers

There is a real risk with running a competition like this that you will attract freebie seekers, instead of potential buyers. If I made all promotions for this list building exercise about the chance to win a Professional Studio Lighting Kit, I would entice people who want the prize but who may not be my target market (for example my 20 year old daughter who thinks the prize is really cool).

That’s why I chose to make all the promotions that entices people to join my list, all about the free training module I’m gifting “How To Set Up a Professional  Video Studio For Your Business For Under $300”, instead of the competition.

Sure, I probably won’t get as many on my list, but I’m after quality, not just quantity.

I’d love to hear your experiences with a viral competition for list building.



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