Anthea Frances’ Interviews Experts From Around The World On Video With Confidence and Impact

Vibrant Anthea Frances publishes a popular raw food lifestyle blog. In this short video she shares how she interviews world-wide experts in her industry via video for both marketing and to create modules for her upcoming online-platform training program. She also uses our Case Study video strategy to spot-light coaching clients with a great response from her community.





Hi everyone. I’m Anthea Frances and I run a popular raw, vegan lifestyle blog called and I’m just making this little video to say “Thank you so much Janet for helping me feel really confident about video.” When I said “really confident”, my confidence is still growing right? But just doing the retreat with you a couple weeks ago and learning about Facebook Live. I’m now actually recording this video on Zoom which is a really amazing, very cheap tool to use for video meetings and that sort of thing. It’s been really great.

Today I have interviewed two experts for my Fresh Start 90 day program which I’m going to be launching in the next month. They were about 40-45 minute interviews and I think they went really well. I also did another two last week. I also did a testimonial video with one of my clients where we just kind of … I called it a “case study video” and I got her on to talk about her experiences with raw vegan coaching and it was beautiful. It took literally five minutes. I put it onto one of my emails, it went out to my list and the response has been really great for that.

Thank you Janet. It’s helping so much with my business and getting my business out there. I can see so much potential for using it heaps going forward. Thanks.

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