Clever Hacks 2

101 things to do with a rubber band! Clever hacks to save you thousands.

Video Topics at a Glance

  • How to Ensure You are Framed Up Properly
  • Creating a Backdrop or Covering Your Background
  • How to Secure your phone on a selfie stick
  • Correct Way to Use a Selfie Stick
  • How to Tidy Up long Cables
  • How to Balance Sunlight when videoing outdoors
  • Adjusting Your Mindset

Lesson Plan

Step 1: Download and take notes on the Cool Cats Clever Hacks Worksheet

Step 2: Watch the video above

Step 3: Take a photo or video of one of the clever hacks you've set up and paste it to our Facebook Group. If we think it's Super Cool we'll share it on social media, our blog and maybe even our email database and include a link to your website (yep we'll promote you if you share what you've learned and taken action on with us)

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