Super-Cool Gadgets 2

Some very cool gadgets for the Super Cool Cats for great effects. Rated on usefulness versus coolness.

Prefer to download the video? Here's the link.

Video Topics at a Glance

  • Clip on lenses
  • Telescopic lens for smartphone
  • iOgrapher iPad holder
  • LED battery powered light
  • Swivl remote camera operator

Lesson Plan

Step 1: Download and print out the Worksheet for Cool Cats Super Cool Gadgets

Step 2: Watch the video above

Step 3: Decide if any of these super cool gadgets will be useful for you. Then go get 'em!

Step 4: Create a video using your new gadget, ABOUT the gadget. Come and share your video in our Cool Cats Facebook group. If we think it's super cool we''l share it on social media, our blog and maybe even our email list. We'll include a link to your website. Yep, we'll promote you if you share the action you take on what we teach you.

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