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Ready to take your video creation to the next level?

If you're really getting into the editing and want to add music, images and even backgrounds, then we have a great library of files you can choose from, saving you hundreds of dollars.

Business Owner tip: Even though we've saved you a lot of time by compiling all these files for you, it can still take you ages to look and listen to this library of resources and make choices. So we recommend you get someone on your team, or pay someone on to create a short list for you. Then make your selection just from those.

That's what we do and it will save you hours which will be better spent doing what you do well.

Green Screens

The backgrounds are usually used for advanced editing when you film using a green screen. We have deliberately NOT provided a module on Green Screens. That's because, even experienced people still manage to create mediocre videos using Green Screens. So keep it simple. However, we had these files so figured we'd share them with you anyway đŸ™‚

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