How To Syndicate Your Videos to iTunes and Everywhere Else

What Does “Syndicate” Mean When Talking About Your Videos?

Syndication sounds pretty sophisticated doesn’t it? After all, that’s what the big radio and TV programs do to distribute their programs across many other stations throughout the world.

For smaller businesses it is actually incredibly easy and cheap to syndicate your self-published Web TV program throughout the Internet so you too show up on websites throughout the world. Websites where your potential customers are already hanging out.

So, in a nutshell, to syndicate means to automatically distribute your Web TV program (your short and sweet, consistently produced videos) to popular websites owned and run by other companies.

Why Syndicate?

Leverage and exposure.

Think about it. You’ve gone to the effort to create a brilliant, professionally branded Web TV program. You intend to publish  short, sweet and valuable Web TV episodes every week because you know it will keep you top of mind as the “Go to person” for your customers and soon-to-be customers.

So why limit yourself to only posting your videos on YouTube, your blog and letting your email list know?

Milk it baby, milk it!

Syndication only needs to be set up once in most cases and then your videos will be shared around the Internet automatically every time you post a new episode. That means, for very little effort, you get your message out to thousands of more people, in the places they are already hanging out.

You want people to say “You seem to be everywhere”. Because you will be.

Where Can You Syndicate?

As well as the hundreds of lesser known podcasting platforms, we syndicate our Web TV program (and teach our students to do the same) here:

  • Youtube
  • iTunes
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linked In
  • Amazon Authors
  • Our Blog
  • Pinterest

It is also very easy to syndicate to other websites you have an agreement with, if they want to promote your podcast.

Why iTunes?

Did you know that in Australia we have 7 times for mobile phones than people! (Telstra stats from November 2012) and it is similar throughout the world. Even though iphones are not the only type of phone, I know when I check my website analytics, iphones account for more than 70% of mobile devices people use to access our websites. It will be similar for many businesses. And that doesn’t even count iPads.
iTunes is, without fail, the most popular podcasting platform and is not only for Apple products (I use itunes on my PC).

People use iTunes to search for podcasts to listen to and to watch. They search for useful (and entertaining) podcasts in their area of interest and search by categories and keywords in itunes to find great podcasts they can subscribe to.

Once subscribed, every time a new episode of a podcast is published it is pushed directly to their iTunes account so they don’t have to go looking for it again.

The exciting bit for business owners using video?
Video podcasting is not as crowded a market place as audio (so you have less competition), yet the popularity of video is booming. People are used to videos being short and easily consumed and so that’s what we give them as part of our strategy for our Web TV shows.

Want another stat on business and video? According to Forbes data 75% of business executives watch videos for business and 65%  of them visit the website after watching video. No silly cat videos. Business owners look for great business videos and iTunes podcasting is the growing way to reach them.

How To Syndicate To iTunes

Listing on iTunes is not that hard. Simply use the podcasting software PowerPress with your WordPress blog and follow the instructions.

It has fields for you to fill out so just fill in the spaces. Then it has a link for you to click to add your podcast to itunes.

Setting up is not hard. But ranking high on iTunes is an artform and it amazes me how few podcasters do it correctly.

I spent a lot of trial and error working out how to rank at the top of itunes and have it down to very simple steps to follow exactly.
It works every time. Every one of my students who follows the instructions, ranks at the top of their category in itunes and holds that position.

We’ve been in the top 20 (very often in the top 5) of our category for Business Marketing for over 2 years now and many of my students are still there in their categories 12 months after launching. (I share all about them in my free training over here).

It’s not rocket science but for some reason, very few have worked out how to do it right.

So, to DIY, simply add the Power Press Plug in to your wordpress site, fill in the fields, click the link and add to itunes. Your podcast will show up in itunes somewhere between a few days and a few weeks.  It’s straight forward.

To show you how to get the highest rankings and maintain them actually takes quite a few videos and instructions which we include in the Geek Zone of the Me TV program.

How To Sydnicate Everywhere Else

Each platform has their own way for you to add in your blog rss feed to show up on your page / stream.

A cheat solution is to use HootSuite to manage it all from one spot.

Why Ratings Matter

Think about the last time you searched for something using Google. Did you look at page 2 or 3 of the results or just looked at page 1?

What about page 10, or 20 or 598?

Well the same happens when people search on iTunes for great podcasts to watch. 
Just say you are interested in health and fitness and want to find a great podcast to explore?

You’d go to iTunes, look for podcasts and search under health.

On the first page you’ll see “New and Noteworthy” (podcasts less than 12 weeks old), then “What’s Hot” which are the most popular and high ranking podcasts older than 12 weeks” and then the rest. You could click through and search the thousands of other podcasts but you often won’t.

So if you want to be found on the most popular podcasting platform on the planet you need to rank at the top and be on the first page.

That’s what myself and the Cool Cats Video Marketing Academy do.

How Can You Track If Your Video Podcast Ranks on iTunes?

It’s easier for me to show you than explain it. Just click on the video below and you’ll see the short and sweet video I made to show you. I recommend you check your ranking every week, though a word of warning. It can get addictive, especially when you first launch and you watch your rankings get higher and higher every day (even over hours).



P.S. If you want to learn more, I’ve put together some really popular free training for you over here.
Just register and you’ll get access straight away.

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