Interview With a Video Legend. How to make your videos more interesting.

Today I introduce you to a lovely friend and business partner of mine, Paul Godden who is an absolute legend when it comes to videos. Professional videography is what he has done for years and today we sit on my lounge at home, after a sweaty mountain bike ride, and I pick Paul’s brain on how to make your videos look more professional….without doing too much work!

Paul shares the concept of A roll and B roll and when to use this technique. Plus I attempt some simple editing to demonstrate what he teaches.

I’d love you to leave Paul some feedback when you view the video and feel free to ask Paul questions. I know I can twist his arm to come here and answer them for you 🙂


P.S. We also talk about using your iPhone and iPad to produce all your videos and I twist Paul’s arm to give you an incredible discount (we’re talking close to 60%), just for my friends, on his specialist iVideo Mastery course.

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Hello and welcome Janet Beckers here with your Wonderful Web TV tip of the week and I’ve got a special guest here with me today, the wonderful Paul Godden, videographer extraordinary and if you’re wondering why we’re looking a bit casual, we’ve just finished doing a mountain bike ride together. Paul’s been staying at my place and we’ve been out exploring the bush.

And while we were out, tip #1 if you’re going out for a bike ride, take a videographer with you because the next few weeks you’ll be seeing all of the videos that I’ve got for about the next 5 weeks have all been shot while I’ve been mountain bike riding because I’ve had Paul there holding the camera for me but it wasn’t just any camera. We’ve shot a whole lot on my iPhone.

The nice part about this is hopefully you’ll be seeing that the quality is really good and because Paul is actually launching, you’ve just been creating a whole program on using iPhones.

Paul: iVideo mastery has just been created

Janet: And so I thought, we’ll talk about iVideo mastery in a minute and what Paul and I have worked out between us that we can do to help you. But I thought we might just share a couple of tips that for me, you’ll notice when I do my videos I kind of go for the easiest option. I don’t want to be stuffing around with too much editing, scripting, what you see is what you get. Just want to get it out there, but the nice part about going with Paul is he just, a few little things that you got me to do and the big thing that stood at me was taking that time to look at getting some different angles, not much more editing but it’s different shots.

Paul: In the movie, in the streets it’s called B-Roll Shots, and all it means is you have your A-Roll or your shots if you’re talking or whatever your doing and B-Roll is simply capturing some shots that can be cut otherwise that can be for example we’re talking about nature there will be shots of trees or flowers or birds or something like that. What you can do is you fit it in your program then your B-Roll maybe if you’ve seen your program or product or something then you have shot of the cover of the product or the service.

Or you might see a happy customer walking in or whatever so it’s called B-Roll so it’s it relates to but it allows you to cut, like me talking to you and then I can show a shot of the bush or something and then it comes back to me or it relates to whatever the subject is. There you have the simple means you can do and also adds interest, that’s the big thing is rather than you listen to me now for 5 minutes while I talk on is you get that cut away. And for the human brain they recommend about 20 seconds that’s the maximum you want to be doing just one shot.

Janet: Right. Which when I shoot all my videos, I can tell you now you are still getting 3 minutes of me talking to you because I’m not going to go that much of it all the time. But the, well just simple things like we were doing a shot where we were doing like a bit of a before and after of how you get your confidence and so after I shot the tip then Paul got me to go back over somewhere I find it really difficult totally bum out, he was shooting the angle of me riding from there and another one where I nailed it but he did get to shoot me a few times because I didn’t nail it.

It will be interesting to see how they go, it’s not going to take me a huge amount of editing to put those in.

Paul: No, that’s the other tip with this is just keep it simple and as where planning comes in is sort of know what you want to achieve, get your A-Roll what you want to be doing as your main focus but then just have some extra supplementary thing but not too much, it’s not being Hollywood produced, as Janet said you don’t want to be spending too much time shooting video and editing and getting it perfect. People want content but what the styles stimulates the viewers and it helps them and helps you as well to have a B-Roll, if you stuff up like if I stutter or whatever, what I can do is take a shot from another angle or something like that and start again and follow on.

So it means I don’t have to have that in the video or you don’t have to what’s called a junk cut, which is I’m there talking to you and suddenly it’s.. And I’m like talking like this, so it’s like “what happened.”

Janet: Yeah, so obviously that you’ve cut something.

Paul: Yup it’s called the junk shot, yes.

Janet: So, you’ll notice we haven’t done that in this video. That’s just one simple tip that I’ve got today from creating videos when I went out with a videographer. And it’s interesting to see, to play around with that. But that’s afterwards, after any bike ride you’re going to go have coffee and talk about how much we rocked for having gone bike riding but in our debrief Paul was then showing me some really cool Apps that I can use on my iPhone and that’s going to actually increase the quality of the video which I found really interesting, makes some clever stuff that you can do and some clever stuff with editing and that was just a few of the things.

So I wanted to just talk a little bit to Paul about your iVideo Mastery program which is specific to using like iPhones, iPads.

Paul: iOS devices and just quickly the reason for that is purely because iPads and iPhones, the Apps, the accessories, the software, and other Mac computers, they all talk to each other and iTunes, downloading and uploading. Everything talks to everything, so there’s no glitches or somethings. Unfortunately the Android will at the moment haven’t got their act together that’s why I recommend iOS devices; iPads, iPhones.

Janet: Right, okay. And so that program that you’ve got, so you’ve got your Shine people about this different Apps, different things that you can be using as accessories.

Paul: Yes. There’s some accessories that you want to have. For example a tripod to stabilize it but again show you cheap options and the basic, the essential Apps, there’s 3 essential apps that I recommend in it. And the Apps just put on your phone to turn your phone into a full pledge camera for editing.

Janet: So Paul and I were talking, because Paul is one of my Joint Venture partners, he’s created the Me TV program with me, he’s created a lot of the different How To videos and how to choose the best cameras. We talk quite a bit about Apple products in there but this is much more very detailed drilling down just on the real How To stuff using the Apple stuff.

Paul: Step by step, do you pic an iPad or an iPhone and what model is better or worse and their reason.

Janet: Yeah quite detail, very specific on that stuff.

Paul: And then the essential Apps, the essential pieces of equipment to use. They will let you do it easy and then do the process of shooting and editing the video simply, non techy.

Janet: It’s really nice compliment. People who the Me TV program don’t need to have this if you’re not using an iPhone or the iPad. But if you are wanting to use your iPhone or your iPad, which I’m using a lot more these days. It’s a great way if you’ll be able to drill down and get real detail on using those particular product. So Paul and I are working out what we can do to help you if this sounds right for you to be able to benefit from our friendship so that you actually have to twist his arm to be honest.

If you have a look in the video, Paul and I have come with a really fantastic pricing that you’re not going to get anywhere else. Really good pricing that’s there for the term of the product, it’s not just for the launch, it’s for the whole time that this product exists. It’s a special price just for you, just for people who are part of my tribe and to really, really generates discount.

I’m not saying that the price here on the video because Paul is just working out his cost on his program and how much he can twist his arm for.

Paul: Something like 60% off exclusively for members of Wonderful Women and a few gorgeous men in the community.

Janet: Yeah so I’m really grateful. That’s going to be able to help you especially if you’re doing the Me TV program and the Shine program, using a lot of video and you really want to get extra good at using your iPhone or iPad so become technowiz sorts of thing. Have a look down below.

Paul: We want to help you to be success in your business and video is massive, we’ve just both holding the pen in the last week within trees saying that 70-80% are all communication, whatever you call it, you’re online then it’s going to be video-based. You could ignore it but at your payroll. It’s not about your scare tactic or whatever it’s genuine.

Janet: You’ve got to do it and even now things about learning on the weekend was very much about SEO as well so ranking on search engines.

So have a look down below and have a look, by the time we put this link out there we will have the link there for you on and you’ll be able to see the incredibly generous discount we’ve come up together.

Paul: Go and check it out and check if it’s right for you. If it’s not that’s fine but if it is, it’s your chance. That’s why I want to make it an easy decision if it’s right for you.

Janet: And the other way is also share down below, I’m really curious to see if you’re an iPhone person or what you’re using. But I also really like to hear your thoughts on using different, the B-Roll and the A-Roll when you’re creating videos or if you’re watching videos. Just very curious to see what experience you’ve had with that. Do you enjoy having that when you’re watching other people’s videos? Is it something I should do or do you reckon “nah should be alright.”

Paul: And do you have a burning question? Do you have a “I don’t understand this”? Or How do I do that? Or we’re happy to look at that and maybe we can do is add something or make sure it’s still in the program. Because it’s for you.

Janet: See ya

Paul: Bye

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