Legends of The Cool Cats Video Challenge #1

Over the last 2 weeks I opened the FREE Cool Cats Video Marketing Kickstart Program.

2 weeks of video training, templates, blueprints and scripts.

One thing I am passionate about, whenever I do any training, is creating opportunities  for people to take action.

After all, education is important in business but it means absolutely nothing if you don’t implement.

So this week I challenged members to submit a 3 minute video in the Cool Cats Video Challenge.

The Challenge

Create a 3 minute video introducing yourself and your business

Follow the 7 Step Script I provided to make it easy

Upload to Facebook (I gave step-by-step instructions on how)

Use the #CoolCatsVideo tag in your video description




The Results

I am so impressed with the courage and commitment of the people who joined the challenge from all around the world.

For most this was the first video they have created for their business. In fact, first video on anything, ever!

You can check them all out here.

Many took up to 20 takes to be happy with their result and then quite a few got the taste of success and went on to shoot more videos for the challenge and for business.

Many have also gone on to join us for coaching and support in The Cool Cats Video Marketing Academy.


Academy Closes TodayLast Chance To Join


Meet The Stars

People are still submitting videos and you can continue to do so yourself if you like.

Here are people who joined the challenge before the deadline. As you'll see there are a huge variety of businesses and an even greater variety of people, messages, styles and countries.

People who range from hypnotherapists to rust proofing of cars.

From healers to software companies.

Business topics ranging from finding your perfect man to real estate to glamour clothes.

Each one unique, each one with a story to share and a passion for what they do.

You can click on each of the images to check out all the videos.

You can also see them all here.

Why not leave them a comment, see what they do and do business with people who you already know are action takers?

K Elizabeth Green, Gillian Drew, Hannah Leo and Alastair Mcdermott

Jo Packham, Shulamit Lifshitz Lando, Tairi Maoate, Sarah Barton, Soochen Low, Rhonda Brown


Debbi Kirk, Cindy Drake, Leanne Donoghue-Tamplin

Rosinda Bond, Fritz Radda, Helena Buxton, Sandra Fleming

Beth Gavlik Majerszky, Chey Bodhi, Kim Hamilton

Katariina Jarvinen, Megan Higginson, Pam Wright, Cindy Troast

Irene Hogan, Jessica Alcala, Kiri Rococo, Sharen Vaughan

Lisa McDonald, Linda Kroll, Cynthia Shearer, Rachel Kent

Kurt T Kopf, Gwen Chappell, Renate Halleen, Anna McConnell



About The Author

Janet Beckers

Janet is a multi-award winning online marketing strategist, author, speaker and mentor who is known for making the complex simple with a healthy dose of reality and humour. Janet is the founder of Cool Cats Video Marketing Academy. You can connect with Janet and find out more about here over at www.JanetBeckers.com .

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