video mistake strategic businesses don't make

The Video Mistake Strategic Businesses DON’T Make [Cool Cats TV]

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“The Video Mistake Strategic Businesses DON’T Make”

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Hey there pussycat. Janet Beckers here with your Cool Cats TV tip of the week. Today I’m looking at one of the big mistakes that people make when they’re using video in their business. This is the one thing that sets them apart from just creating videos to actually using it for business and that is strategy. Let’s have a look at what that means and the difference it can make.

A lot of times when people are using video in their business they’re approaching it in an ad hoc way. This means that they may be creating videos but there’s not a whole sort of game plan that goes with it. Sometimes they’ll put a video out there and it goes really well, they get a great response. Then they’ll have other ones and people are thinking, why did they do that? It’s really not quite on brand. This can make a huge difference. If people need to know what is it that you stand for, what is it that they can expect from you, what’s the outcome, what is it that if they watch your videos, what’s it going to be helping them with, so they know if they’re going to be your customer.

One of the first things that you have to do in order to do this, to be able to make that strategy work, is you need to get absolutely super clear on who is going to be watching your videos. Because we’re doing this for business, we need to get super clear on who are you going to be speaking to that is most likely to then feel a connection and want to go on and purchase something from your business. You’re attracting potential paying customers rather than people that just like watching your videos. That’s your very, very first step in your strategy.

You need to know who you are talking to, what is it that they want and what can your company deliver to them, so that your messages are always marrying those two together. That is exceptionally important to use video as a marketing tool rather than just getting it out there. As an example, you’ll know with Cool Cats TV that every single one of our videos is designed to a business owner who wants to get their message out to the world using video but they want to use it in a way that’s strategic but also they don’t want to spend much time on it.

They don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, your typical business owner. Every single video that we put out is going to be helping them to achieve those outcomes. Always about video and video marketing, it will have things that have got to do with mindset specifically to do with video and it will have case studies specific for video. Think about you, are you being strategic. Are you really creating your videos in a way that is building up with every single one your reputation and reinforcing the brand about what it is that you do?

I’d love to hear from you, so please leave your comments down below. Tell me, if you’ve got any questions, tell me down there as well. If you need some help on this, I’ve got some great free training for you and the best place to start is with our video leverage checklist. That will show you how to totally milk every video you do, just milk it for all it’s worth, 33 different ways in fact. That will help you, there’s links down below for that. Otherwise, just leave a comment and I’ll look forward to connecting with you. Bye.

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