The Video Mistake That Destroys Trust [Cool Cats TV]

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This week’s topic: “The Video Mistake That Destroys Trust”.


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Hey there Pussy Cat, Janet Beckers here with your cool cats video tip of the week. Today it’s a big mistake that people make, that actually can end up damaging the trust that people have got with you, when you’ve been creating videos, that doesn’t matter if you’ve done everything else right. Let’s have look at what that is and what you can do to prevent it. Let’s think about this, you’ve created a video and it could be one of your regular videos that you’re sending out every week to really connect with your ideal clients.

You’ve given great content, you’ve given them a-call-to-action, where you’ve said, “Hey, come down leave a comment down below. Tell me what you’re thinking. What are your thoughts. Answer this question.” What you’ve done is you’ve asked them to interact with you in that video. Now for them to leave a comment down below where your video is, whether that’s on YouTube, whether it’s on your blog, whether it’s on Facebook or Twitter, whatever it is. You’ve asked people to interact and leave a comment. That’s a huge for them to do.

Think about the biggest … They can’t type. For them to have done that, they’re interacting with you. They’re showing that they trust and that they want a relationship. How rude if you don’t come and take on the conversation. It’s like you’ve asked them to do something and to start a conversation and then you’ve walked out. So many don’t do this and I’ll tell you what, it does not take long at all. When you’re seeing comments, you’ve to go and comment on every single comment, if you’re getting a lot but you need to come back and start commenting and acknowledging that people have interacted with you and continue the conversation. Really, really important because this thing continues to build up that trust and it make people know that you value them.

My call-to-action to you is, hey, leave the comment down below and tell you, I’ll come back. I’ll come back and join the conversation. The things that really helps when you’re asking people to leave a comment, just give them something specific. The thing I’d like to ask to share below is what kind of things do you like people to ask you to comment on? Do you respond to them saying, “Ask a question?” Or do you respond to them saying, “Tell me specifically the one thing that works well for you?” Or asking them to give a tip, whatever it’s that you’re going to be doing. I’d love you to share that down below, what kind of things makes you want to leave a comment

The other thing to acknowledge is if people share. If they share your video. They deserve a big thank. Just don’t ignore it, you can say, “Thanks for sharing.” It means a lot and I’ll share more in the future. It’s a really little tiny thing that makes a huge difference to trust and it makes your videos become more viral because people say that this is the place where people are hanging out and talking. I’d love to hear your comments down below and I’ll, I’ll come and join the conversation. Bye.

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  • Jeanette McPetrie

    Reply Reply April 20, 2018

    Great tip Janet. Would love to follow more of what you are doing and hear more tips.
    I do not have a webpage up as yet. Am just starting with it now.

  • Holly

    Reply Reply January 4, 2017

    Great tip! I’d add to what you said in that it helps to leave GOOD responses to comments. I recently responded to a biz owner when she asked us to reply to an email she sent. I gave a rather heart felt reply, and then asked her a question. When she replied, she answered my question in 3 terse words, and completely ignored the rest of what I said. Even though she technically responded the way she did it lessened my trust in her. So if someone does take the time to leave you a comment, it’s a good idea to respond in a way that addresses what they said, and not simply say “thanks for commenting.”

    • Chris

      Reply Reply April 22, 2017

      Great add to Janet’s comments. I agree with you that the responses should address the issues you raise and acknowledge your contribution.
      Perhaps the lack of response is why people don’t comment very often.
      I didn’t notice a response here from anyone at the team to your comment which I find interesting given the content of the video.

      • Janet Beckers

        Reply Reply April 23, 2017

        Good call Chris. We just found a glitch in our software which meant we weren’t getting notified when there were new comments. I just logged in to make edits and found comments!
        Very frustrating but hopefully fixed now.

    • Janet Beckers

      Reply Reply April 23, 2017

      Yep good point Holly. Generic comments are worse than none.

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