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This week’s topic: “The Video Mistake That Keeps You Playing Small”


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Hey there, pussy cat, Janet Beckers here with your Cool Cats TV tip of the week. Today, I’m having a look at another one of the mistakes that people make when they’re implementing video in their business’s marketing strategy, and this is the one that means you are just doing work for just a small outcome. It’s not much to tweak it, and you can have a huge impact through your videos, so let’s have a look at how you can do that.

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is they do not leverage. They create their videos. They might send it out to their emails. They might put it on their blog post. Occasionally, they might share it on Facebook, and that’s about it. There are so many more ways that you can totally milk it for all it’s worth. For example, all of the videos that we create – the video you’re watching now – is being syndicated over to iTunes. It’ll be winking at the top. I haven’t even watched it yet, actually, as I’m filming this and I can tell you it will be ranking at the top of iTunes, because I know how to do that. All my clients can do that.

It’s leveraging over their own iTunes, it’s automatically going over to Facebook, over to my Amazon author account, it’s going over to Twitter, and then it can even go further. Past videos that I’ve created have actually been transcribed and used in the book, so it’s using it that way. It can be transcribed and used on your website. It can be to make articles. There are so many ways that you can milk one three-minute video that mean that you’re repurposing the same content in multiple formats, and it’s very easy to make it so it will automatically get distributed, so this is something that I give … Actually, I give you that for free, so I’ve got a free report that helps you with this, and in fact, it’s not even a report, it’s a checklist that’s really, really quick for you. It’s Video Leverage Checklist. There’s a link down below. You can go and get that, and it’ll show you 33 different ways that you can be leveraging just one video.

I hope that gives you so many ideas. It can make it so that you can just go, “Aha, I can see how this is so powerful.” This is one of the biggest mistakes that people are making, so I’d love to hear from you, all of your ideas on where… How can you repurpose and where can you make it so that it gets distributed? Leave them down below. I’d love to hear your ideas. What’s worked for you And any great tips that you’ve got for other people would be wonderful, okay? See you down below.

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