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“The Video Mistake That Makes People Stop Watching Before The End”

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Hi there Pussy Cat, Janet Beckers here with your Cool Cats TV tip of the week. Today we’re looking at another one of the mistakes that people make when they’re using video for marketing in their business and that is the length of time that the videos go for. Let’s have a look at the optimal time for a video that you’re going to be using in your marketing. How long do you think a video should be? These are videos that you’re using to connect on a regular basis with your potential clients and your existing ones. Ones that you have on your website that connect, that are a gift and that are demonstrating that you know what your frustrations are for your clients, and that you also have solutions.

For videos like these that you’re wanting people to share, how long do you reckon it should be? I tell you what, the majority of people make them way too long. They try to do too much in every video. In fact, research has been shown that the average time that people will watch a video for is up to three minutes. After that amount of time, the number of people watching will start to drop off. Even if it’s really interesting, there are still going to be people who are going to drop off. If you’re making your videos going for ten minutes, fifteen minutes, twenty minutes, it’s too long. You’ve got to keep it short and sweet.

That means when you’re creating your videos, these are these connection videos that you want people to share, you really can only cover one point per video. As an example you’ll see that instead of me creating one video, where I share the eleven most common mistakes that I see people make in video marketing, I haven’t created one video with all of those in them. I’ve created eleven videos so that you can just watch one a time, just get a little gram. The other advantage is you as a business owner means that that’s eleven weeks of marketing, rather than one. It means that there’s a time that you’re touching, connecting with your ideal clients. There’s a mass advantage that comes from sticking to that rule of keeping it under three minutes.

How did I go? Did this one make it under three minutes? Let’s see. Please, I’d love to hear from you. Comments down below, what do you like? Do you like to have longer videos? Is three minutes too long? Shorter for you? What goes through your mind when you’re having a look at how long a video goes for before you click play. If you’d like some help, I’ve got lots of free training for you. The best place to start is with my video marketing checklist. That’s going to show you how with that three minute video, how you can milk it for all it’s worth and repurpose it in thirty-three different ways. Looking forward to hearing from you. Bye.

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