Video Marketing VIP Workshops

We invite you to join us for a unique business experience. Spend two, business expanding, days with two of Australia’s most experience video marketers in a unique hands-on, small group workshop. Hosted in luxury boutique venues you’ll get crystal clear on your market and message before immersing yourself in a hands-on, supported mastery of video. You’ll leave with up to four quality marketing videos already created and ready to use and the skills and confidence to create top quality videos on a regular basis, using nothing more than your smart phone. Read on for the Who, What, Why, When, Where, How and What If’s . Please note, these events are limited to only 12 businesses. They will fill fast so if it feel right, don’t procrastinate.


Who is this workshop for?

This event is designed for business owners and their teams, with a message to share who want to clearly and powerfully get that message out to the world. It doesn’t matter if you are a one-man (gal) show, a consultancy, coach, small business, large corporate, not-for-profit or government agency. As long as you provide solutions for people who need it, and you approach your service with professionalism, then you belong.

Each workshop experience is limited to only 12 businesses. That’s only 12 people in the room with a ratio of only 3 to 4 businesses per mentor. This is designed to be a personalised experience so we have the time to work with you closely.

Who are your workshop leaders?

Janet Beckers

A multi-award winning online marketing strategist, author, speaker and mentor who is known for making the complex simple with a healthy dose of reality of humour. Janet has won numerous awards including Australian Marketer of The Year and most recently was voted a finalist in The Australian Most Trusted Business Awards.

Janet walks what she talks, using video extensively in her marketing and program delivery. She has produced a high ranking weekly video podcast for over 3 years while automating it so she has only had to spend 1 day every 3 months to create and automate this marketing. She has taught hundreds of business owners to do the same across a wide range of industries.

Paul Godden

Paul’s been involved in video creation for over 30 years, including the past 12 years creating video based product for many of Australia’s top marketers. He’s seen video grow from something people used to capture family events and holidays to today being one of the most powerful tools every business needs to be using.

Paul is passionate about helping businesses embrace and use the power of video.  He achieves this by demystifying and simplifying the process so that anyone from any background can utilize it to get themselves and their message out to those most needing to hear it.

And he’s helping businesses do that through the creation of several easy to follow and implement online programs together with a series of live workshops and events.


This two day event is far more than a workshop. It is designed to be an experience combining hands-on video creation, mentoring, done-with-you strategies and warm hospitality.

Over two days you’ll get crystal clear on your “Profitable Avatar” and marketing message, uncover your authentic branding style, learn all the tricks of the trade and create at least 4 videos you can use in your marketing immediately. Plus you’ll have lots of fun.

The most amazing investment of my time, my money, my energy

Jasmine Sampson


This IS the age of video for online marketing. Have a look at the image below and you’ll see that video is responsible for the majority of new people coming your website (traffic). Video is responsible for increasing how many people open, read and click on links in your emails and is the marketing content with the best return on investment.

Even without the growth of video as a powerful marketing medium there is something else you probably already know, even if you didn’t realise it. Video is the only medium that lets a viewer look into your eyes, feel as if you are talking to them directly and build a real connection.

In fact, it is not unusual for us, and our video marketing clients, to have total strangers approach us, often with hugs, because they recognise us from our videos. Of course, they aren’t really strangers. They are customers and potential clients. We on the other hand, are far from total strangers to them. They feel as if they know us and trust us as if we were friends who really hadn’t just met each other in person for the first time.

This is the type of response we will help you create in our 2 days together.

It’s not about a big budget, studios and geeks

If video is so effective, why aren’t more people using it? It’s because it looks as if it should be expensive, time consuming and technical to do well. And that’s great. You want people to think that, especially competitors in your industry.

The reality is, you CAN spend a fortune creating marketing videos for your business. Business owners often spend thousands to get a video made. Not you though!

You’ll leave the 2 day experience with videos made and a system and knowledge to create truly authentic, on-brand videos on a regular basis that take you very little time to produce and cost you close to nothing to create and publish.

I came here to learn how to appear on video myself and put my message across to my clients and I now have the confidence to do that.

Tamar Goldstein

Where and When

Workshops are scheduled throughout the year in different states of Australia. We can also arrange to come to you if you have 12 people or more ready to book.

There are no boring conference hotels for our workshops. We host you in private luxury homes and boutique venues with an emphasis on great locations to shoot videos and true hospitality. You'll be spoilt with gourmet food and we'll even take you out for dinner to spend more time together for informal networking.


This is not a passive seminar. You know the one’s where you learn, take notes and then implement when you get home. This workshop is all about action and we have you shooting videos even before morning tea on the first day. Don’t worry. We won’t be throwing you in the deep end and watch you sink!

The Profitable Avatar Exercise

We’ll be spending time on the first day on exercises that drill down deeply to identify exactly who your best customers are. You know, the ones who pay without complaining, take action with your products and services and are raving fans for your brand. We call them your “Profitable Avatar” and at the end of this session you’ll know exactly who your videos need to be targeted to and the language they need to hear.

Your Authentic Branding Style

Too often we see people shooting videos and modelling the style of someone else in their industry they admire. The video may look great but when people watch it they subconsciously feel something just isn’t right. There is a seed of distrust sowed and that’s simply because they can sense the person on camera is not truly being their authentic self.

That’s not going to happen with you. We’ll show you how to uncover your true style and how to speak to the camera so your perfect customer feels as if you are reading their mind and speaking directly to them.

Lights, Camera, Action

With over 20 years in the video industry, Paul Godden knows all the tricks on how to create great videos. Even better, he knows how to replicate professional equipment with budget hacks so you don’t have to spend a fortune to get great results.

You’ll learn about lighting, sound, tele-prompters, professional branding, editing and tricks to cover your mistakes. You don’t have to worry about forgetting how to do any techy stuff when you get home because we’ll gift you our online training programs with step-by-step videos you can access when you need them, to walk you through everything you need.

Selfies, Gorillas and Lapels

There’s no need for you to buy expensive equipment to shoot your videos. All you need to bring with you is your smart phone. That’s it. We’ll be gifting you simple but clever gadgets that fit into a handbag, yet give you the freedom to head out into the wild outdoors and create great videos that make you look like you have an entire production team with you.

In fact, the great outdoors is exactly where we’ll be heading. Weather permitting, groups of us will be heading to the beach, bush or beautiful surrounds of our venue to create unique videos that catch your free spirit and let you have some fun.

You As The Expert Interviewee

Together we’ll be creating a video for your website that really positions you as the expert. Ever notice how differently you look at someone who tells you how great they are, compared to someone who is being interviewed about their brilliance?

You’ll learn the question formula for an expert branding “About Us” video and you'll have the opportunity to buddy up with colleagues and record a video ready to use on your website and other parts of your marketing plan.

Video Marketing & Content Plan (Milk It Baby, Milk It)

This workshop is all about the powerful use of video in your marketing to attract new clients and dazzle the ones you already have. At the end of the 2 days you will have a video marketing plan which ties in with your social media and content marketing plans, ready to roll out for the next 3 months.

We’ll give you the Social Media and Content Marketing Plan Template we use in our own businesses which means we are always consistent and leveraging every video we make.

I am leaving feeling empowered and so grateful.

Nikki Creber


This is not one of those impersonal workshops, stuck in a boring hotel room with people who are boring speakers. We know as entrepreneurs you give and give constantly to your customers and your team and it’s rare to be welcomed into the family and treated special.

We’re pretty unpretentious people and we like to do business with friends. So that’s how we treat you. At this event, this is how we extend our hospitality to you:

Luxurious venue. We book boutique hotels and luxury private homes for our workshops. A gorgeous backdrop for your videos

Award winning cuisine all weekend. We source gourmet creative fresh food for our delicious morning and afternoon teas and lunches each day. Just let us know if you have any special requests and we'll look after you.

Dinner’s on us: The evening in the middle of the workshop we’ll take you to a local restaurant for relaxed company and local food. A lovely way to get to know each other and break bread after a day of learning and video creation.

We’ll help you find the best accommodation for your budget: Sometimes we have rooms available in the homes we book for our events. Otherwise our team will help you find great accommodation close by.


We’re very excited about the suite of bonuses we have created for you. All prices listed below are the actual retail prices these programs are sold for on our websites. None of those inflated “Valued At” prices you see so often that look like you are getting $15,000 value but are actually $14,000 of hot air!


Retail Price

Lifetime Membership Cool Cats Video Marketing Academy  Online Training program with step-by-step audios, videos, worksheets and strategy to launch your own professionally branded marketing videos. This includes the Video Editing instruction resource area as well as scripts, Youtube and social media instructions and thousands of dollars of training for you and your team for refine your training.


Professionally branded video intro and outro clips to use to professionally brand your Web TV marketing videos for years


4 videos created during the workshop edited, branded, transcribed and published to YouTube and Cloud hosting for you.


Top quality Lapel microphone for great sound quality even when shooting outdoors


“Selfie Stick” so you can be your own videographer


The #1 best-selling book “Romance Your Tribe Online” (Physical book and digital format so you can start straight away)


Follow Up Webinar to keep your momentum going after you go home


Total Retail Value of Bonuses



2 days VIP workshop, including morning and afternoon teas, lunches each day, dinner one evening and all bonuses (you are responsible for your own accommodation, breakfasts and transport to the venue)

We accept online payment, credit card details over the phone, PayPal, Direct Deposit in Australia and Australian cheques (if cleared before the date of the event).

Best Value: $2997

I'm walking away with completed videos and a completed video marketing plan for the next 12 months!

Louise Brogan


I really want to go but this date is impossible for me?

Let us know and we’ll add you to our advance notice list to be first to know of new dates and venues that open up.

I’ve never created a video before?

Wonderful! You’re going to have a lot of fun and we’re going to have just as much fun showing you just how simple it is to create really professional videos using nothing more than your smart phone.

What if I already produce videos for my business?

Wonderful. You are going to get so super-clear on your message and how to connect with your perfect clients in a much more powerful way. You’ll also learn trade tips so your videos are even more professional looking and make you look like you have a whole team of video experts supporting you.

What if I’m old and ugly? Fat? Too skinny? Awkward? (Insert body image concern here).

So are we! We’ll be sharing strategies designed to make you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera and to show yourself to your best. Don’t expect tips on false eyelashes, heavy makeup and photo-shop (seriously, a lot of video trainers focus on this). Instead expect techniques that help you shine from the inside and authentically connect with your viewers.

What if I have a favourite video camera?

Bring it along. Plus bring your phone.

What if I don’t have an iphone?

We don’t discriminate. It doesn’t matter what type of smart phone you have, as long as it has a function to shoot a video and you can connect to the Internet. That’s practically every phone these days.

What if I don’t have a business yet?

If you are just setting up your business this is a perfect time for you to join us. Let us be clear though. You need to know who your business will serve and how you will be helping them. A big part of this intensive is getting clear on how to express your message to match your market so you need to know what your market is. If you are ready to start a business but not really sure yet what on, then we have great online training programs to walk you through this process step-by-step. We recommend you start with them first.

Can I bring a business partner?

Absolutely. In fact, we really encourage you to bring a partner or team member. As long as you are both working on the same business and will share all bonuses, you can bring up to 2 team members for an additional $850 each to cover our expenses. If you would like to bring more team members contact us and we will organise the best solution to bring in as many of your team as we can.

What if I go home and have trouble implementing?

We’ve got you covered in 4 ways:

  1. We’ll do all the techy stuff for 4 of your videos and then give you the ongoing training resources so you can do it yourself from then on, or give you a special price for us to do it for you every month.
  2. We’ll have a special mentoring conference call 2 weeks after the workshop to answer any questions you have. We’ll stay on the line for as long as you need us.
  3. We give you lifetime access to the online training centre so you can revisit lessons, delve deeper into marketing strategy and anything techy.
  4. You’ll have lifetime membership to The Private Facebook group so you can get help from Janet, Paul and everyone else in our community as you grow your business.